Top Tips to Enjoy Your Woolly Surprise Monthly Packs

So you're thinking about getting your wools and patterns delivered on the regular (or you already have some on the go) and you want to get the right option and get the best out of it right?

Well here is my top tips..

Firstly, Choosing your pack...if you'd like a pack to come, say every month, without having to think about it too much, and it just keeps on coming until you say otherwise... may I suggest one of the Monthly Packs

If you would rather just work on a project till it's finished OR take a little learning journey (with a set number of deliveries) may I suggest one of the Knit Alongs or Knit Big projects

Next is knowing you can log into your subscription dashboard at anytime and see for yourself when the next delivery is billed, your delivery address, your orders to date and ll the details.

It's in this dashboard you can pull all the control levers... for example;

If you are getting really knitty, you can speed up your next delivery - why wait?

But if you are distracted, taking a holiday, falling behind... you can push out the next delivery or skip it all together.  You can even skip a few if you're going to be away for example.

Skipping is also a great option if the monthly pack just doesn't sound like your thing, thats ok too... BUT remember you can just email me to change up to something you've had your eye on. That's cool too.

So that's the next tip - I'm at the end of the email and can help you with all these things, including changing up colours and patterns, adding needles, extra balls of wool and any other kits too.

Oh, so while we are on the topic of extra kits - this is a GREAT tip... add extra kits to keep your hands busy AND if you think your friend would enjoy a one off kit (like as a gift) I can arrange that too!  Cool ae?!  So imagine your monthly clue arrives outlining an option you think your friend would really enjoy too - I can send them one on your account.  Just that one kit, no sign ups :) Gifting kits has been so joyful for many.

And while we are talking about adding things, don't forget you can add on extra wools and tools to your next order too.

And don't forget you can change your delivery address, or redirect to a temp address if you are away...

And lastly, I know i've said it earlier - but just in case you missed it - you can email ME for help with anything.  I'm right here to keep it awesome for you :)