2024 Big Blanket Knit Along SMOOTH & SILKY

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LAUNCH for June / July  is NOW OPEN!

Well hello there!

New Yarn, Who Dis?  This is our FIRST knit along with the super new and yummy Smooth + Silky!

Perhaps you've been making with us on knitalong journeys over the last 5 years, or perhaps this is a new find - either way, welcome, it's lovely to have you here taking a looky loo at what we do.

Woolly Surprise is the wool baby of the Woven Co, who make stunning NZ Made yarns and develop patterns for the folk who like things to be easy and fun!

This is our annual knit - along and it's the second wave for the year!

Previously our makers have been using the much loved Sumptuous wools to complete projects - but how exciting is this?!  We are welcoming for the FIRST time EVER, our new new new delishy squishy yarn Smooth & Silky to the party!

This 2024 big blanket knit along features all 12 colours of the entire range - which is such a tonal delight.  And to keep it fun, the blanket is now assembled in a totally NEW format to make a plaid like piece - or maybe you'll see it as a pixel pallete... either way it's stunning!

Each pack delivers new wools and some simple but fun stitches best suited to blankets.  This is about enjoying yourself, playing with colour and design, and making something absolutely gorgeous for your home / caravan / yurt or getaway!

Have you ever wanted to make something by hand that is so wonderful?  Well here we go!

The COOL thing about make-alongs is that you are party of a clan all doing the do at the same time, and we get to talk to each other about it, share updates and support our makes.  In a world of disconnection, let's come together with purpose and creativity! 

Well anyhoooo I'm going on... let's talk about how it works and cover off the common questions :)

  • YES you can make this even if you are not a wizard knitter, I write to suit developing knitters
  • You can choose between 2 ball packs or 4 ball packs for each delivery - choose based on your budget / knitting speed
  • YES you can change out colours if you like, I am happy to help you with this.  It's your project!  Let it be what you really want - the No RED club has been popular hahaha
  • The packs default to monthly delivery, but you can speed them up, slow them down, put them on pause if you need to.  Life is busy and we all have the things to juggle.

The sign up process has you choosing your pack size, delivery address, and you may need to add in some knitting needles too.

In total the blanket is worked over 25 balls of 50grm Smooth + Silky;

  • 2 ball packs need 12 deliveries (the first pack is the best time to add the extra ball in)
  • 4 ball packs need 6 deliveries (the last pack is the best time to add the extra ball in)

I will help you after sign up to make sure you are all sorted!

Sign ups are open NOW for May, with just 10 spots - first packs will be heading out at the end of the month.  It's time to get on-board!! CHOO CHOOOOO!

Key details;

2 ball packs are $55 each delivered in NZ (for a total of 12 packs + an extra ball)

4 ball packs are $100 each delivered in NZ (for a total of 6 packs + an extra ball)

You use 12 colours x 2 balls each, plus one extra of Natural

Finished size is 2.2m wide by 1.1m high - if you double the packs and repeat the pattern a second time, your blanket will be a lovely BIG 2.2m square!

This is an original design by Michelle Joy from The Woven Co, and you will be in the first batch of makers making it!

SIGN UP BY 20th July 2024 to join this Knit Along - please note cut off may happen sooner if we meet the maker threshold.

This is the most fun big make to learn NEW textures / stitch designs every month

You are invited to join a group knit along journey and each journey will have a sign up cut off date, so you can all make together.
Your first pack is billed immediately on sign up and the default schedule will see a monthly billing date will be on this anniversary of your signup each month following on  - unless you amend this in your dashboard.
You can delay a shipment and change the delivery address for the coming order, meaning that you could ship it to where you happen to be at the moment.  Skipping deliveries in the Big Blanket is not advised, as you will need all steps to complete your project.
Dispatches roll out from the end of each month, as per the order preferences in the system... so make sure you have adjusted anything by then.
During each month you may also receive bonus offers of wools and patterns, free pattern and other special offers.  Subscribers enjoy FREE SHIPPING on these special offers!
You are in control!  Login to adjust your monthly billing and order date, skip a month if needed, change your preferences for colours and needles, change your plan and cancel anytime.  
Woolly Surprise is all up about surprising and delighting you, so If you are unhappy with your pack, normal exchange and returns policy applies.

Lets get our MAKE on!

What does the colour story look like, it looks like this!  But we change it up to suit - just gotta let me know :)