2023 Big Blanket Knit Along EXTENSION

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Are you LOVING making your BIG BLANKET and want to go even BIGGER!

Why not add on another 2 panels and enjoy 8 fresh new textures for the ultimate big blanket... continue with with either 2 or 4 balls of Sumptuous + new texture / colour clues delivered every instalment.

Monthly deliveries are the default, but you can adjust to suit your own schedule

You are in control!

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From $69 per pack delivered in NZ, continuing on with your current colour scheme

Learn NEW textures every month

How does it work?

The 2023 Big Blanket Knit Along is a seperate subscription taking the maker on a journey of 16 balls of Sumptuous using 16 different textures.

This subscription is designed to be ADDED on to the original subscription when it ends for the ultimate upgrade!

Add on another 2 panel to the Knit Along to complete an even bigger throw from an extra 8 balls of Sumptuous!
So 2 ball packs get another 4 packs
and 4 ball packs get another 2 packs


Bigger finished blanket size is approx 1.4m x  2.1m 

Your first month is billed immediately on sign up, and the monthly billing date will be on this anniversary the following month 
You can delay a shipment and change the delivery address for the coming order, meaning that you could ship it to where you happen to be at the moment.  
Dispatches roll out as billing happens
During the month you may also receive bonus offers of wools and patterns, free pattern and other special offers.  Subscribers enjoy FREE SHIPPING on these special offers!
You are in control!  Login to adjust your monthly billing and order date, skip a month if needed, change your preferences for colours and needles, change your plan and cancel anytime.  
Monthly packs are all up about surprising and delighting you, so If you are unhappy with your pack, normal exchange and returns policy applies.
Keen on something else as well, let me know :)
Lets get your knit on and go BIG!