• Knitting packs to surprise and delight you!

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Knitting packs to surprise and delight you!

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Welcome to your Woolly Surprise

Powered by The Woven Co;
Makers of NZ’s best knitting yarns and knitting kits.

It is such a pleasure to offer regular packs delivered to your door of fresh NZ designs and stunning NZ made wools.

By supporting this business you are choosing to say YES to small enterprise, YES to real NZ made products, YES to the ethics and morals that make a healthy independent business and a big YES to the value of your time crafting with beautiful products.

On offer is a variety of options from big projects delivered in bite size chunks, to fresh pattern kits
and exciting knit along projects – there is even beginners learn to knit journey
to grow your skills, confidence and knit collection!

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Freaking enjoying the heck out of it!

"I’m a first time subscriber to the monthly knit along blanket. OMG I’m loving it. I’ve never had the confidence before to knit anything other than garter stitch and the first one you throw in is a waffle stitch with two colours!!! Freaking enjoying the heck out of it and found the initial challenge inspiring. Thanks for helping me try new things."

Freyja Munro


I did the Gift Your Love and I LOVED it. Everything I made was well received and the patterns were so easy. You have also got me into making toys and they’ve been great too.

Una Diver

World of Happiness

"I want to thank you for opening up a world of happiness for me with your wonderful patterns and of course the wool (love the feel of it)"

Jill Juriss

Loving your Patterns

I am loving your patterns and wool- they have reinvigorated my knitting

Jackie Mills | Chief Creative Officer | Les Mills International

Thank you

I just wanted to thank you for what you do. I’m only a beginner knitter but, a serious addict nevertheless!

Amanda Faulkner

Hope you love it too :)