KnitPro Symphonie Interchangeables for my Monthly Pack

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Why Knit Pro Symphonie Interchangeables?

Knit pro are not only extremely attractive in their colour and pattern, but these are an incredible tool too!
These needles are lightweight yet exceptionally strong and durable.  The polished warm wood surface works smoothly without friction and fatigue AND your hands don't get hot holding them!  These needles glide effortlessly with every type of yarn, so as not to slow down your knitting rhythm.  The perfect points are flawlessly tapered so they won't split or catch on your stitches.
These really are the knitter’s favourite needle; providing hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue.
Why circular interchangeables?
  I believe the knitting should grow on your lap and NOT on your needles, reducing strain on your neck, shoulders and arms.  The knitter should be able to cosy up in comfy little spots to craft AND take their knitting on adventures too (perfect for cars and planes).  Knitters should keep crafting without limits, and these systems are known to support wrist and joint health (combating RSI, Carpel Tunnel and Arthritis).  You can knit flat and knit in the round AND your knitting kit ends up a cute little purse not a bag with long protruding needles.  With the ability to change out tips size (and length) along with cable length, you've got everything you need WITHOUT having to buy lots of variations.